uberchild evo survey

The Uberchild Evo Pram is the Ultimate Pram. This is the results of our recent survey conducted over a 3 month period and reflected the thoughts of 156 parents. The survey was broken down over 3 main categories or what people are happiest with after buying their Uberchild Evo:

1. Looks

This is the single most important thing for people to make a choice whether they want to buy or not. Usually a customer will go into a shop or browse at prams online and as soon as they see a really nice system they will stop, look and if they like the look they will be intrigued to see the price and then what features it has. So on the survey the no 1 reason to buy something is the look, everything else is just a bonus. Uberchild have taken steps to carefully ensure that the products we offer have a scale and variation to suit most customers tastes and expectations. For all those who love striking colours we offer the Orange Flower and the Electric Blue. For the more minimalistic people we have the Funky Zebra and Rainbow Spots, they are still louder than standard systems but we have been receiving a great response to our colour choices.

2. Price

This the easily the second most important thing people look at after the initial 'Look'. Even if a customer thinks a product is stunning they normally look at the price tag before continuing their interest. If the price is manageable then they will look at the next stage. We found from the results of the survey that people are extremely happy with what they get for the price of an Uberchild Evo 3 in 1 Pram system. The pram, carrycot, car seat, foot cover, raincover and changing bag all come as standard for the Evo. One customer said "We cannot fault the amount of items we got with our pram, so happy - will definitely recommend this to all our friends"

3. Features

Another great thing about Uberchild products is being feature rich plus a bit more on top. We asked customers to write down the best features and here are some of the responses:

"love the soft bum cushion on the stroller part"

"the handle height even suits my boyfriend who is 6'5" "

"thanks for bringing out the air wheel option, now my pram is complete"

"huge shopping basket is a great bonus"

"i never saw a pram with such a colourful frame"

"i use the standard car seat in my husbands car and got the maxi cosi adapters to use my maxi cosi cabriofix onto the evo, works a charm and i can use the cabriofix onto a car seat base in my car"

"love the way i can use my own mai cosi car seat on the Evo, it just makes sense :-) "

So our conclusion is that people who bought are extremely happy with the look of the Evo and are happy with the colour range offered which is a great bonus to us and shows that our design team and doing very well. Then people are happy with the price especially given the face that so much comes with the Evo pram, people did comment that they were not expecting to get so much items for the price which we are really happy about.

We know its stressful enough having a new baby so we try to make things a little easier and supply as many extras as possible within the same box your pram arrives in. Then its also great to hear great feedback about the Uberchild Evo features written above. We asked customer to add a comment about features they are happy with and 94% wrote in this section lovely comments, only a tiny amount are shown above and we are working hard to try and bring even more features into the pram as standard over the coming 12 months.

If your shopping around for a travel system or pram then why not take a look at the Uberchild Evo systems and see if any of the colours takes your fancy. We are an Irish company with our headquarters in Dublin so you can call in anytime or view online. Give us a call also if you have any questions at all regarding any of the above or about any of our products, we would be happy to speak with you.